Corp Mortgage Scheme


  • Individuals in the age group of 18 - 65 years owning residential /Commercial property / Industrial property, land and/or building,
  • NRI, Partnership Firms, Companies , HUF and Trusts are also eligible.
  • Close relative/s may join as co applicant/s to supplement repayment capacity. However, maximum of two co- applicants can join to supplement repayment capacity
  • In case of Firms/Companies/Trusts/HUF, Partners/Directors/ Trustees/Co- Parceners with regular & independent income may join as Co- applicants to supplement repayment capacity
  • Cash accruals/Depreciation also may be added to income, in case of borrowers other than salaried class.
  • Loan against third party property/property owned by sister/associate concerns  is strictly NOT permitted.


  • To meet personal expenses like marriage, medical, etc., & also for business requirements.

Loan Amount

Minimum Loan Amount : Rs.2 lakh 

Maximum Loan amount: 


Rs.500 lakh

Port Town[other than Metro ] & Urban Centres           

Rs.300 lakh

Semi Urban  centres          

Rs.25 lakh

Rural centres 

Rs.10 lakh

 The maximum loan amount shall not exceed 10 times of the Net annual Income.

 Loan amount mentioned above shall be based on the location of the property


  • 50% on immovable property.


  • Mortgage of immovable property against which the loan is sought.
  • Age of the building to be mortgaged shall not exceed 30 years. However, residual /balance life of the building shall be at least 5 years more than the repayment tenor.
  • Third party guarantee is not mandatory

Rate of Interest

  • Floating rate of interest is linked to the MCLR & subject to annual reset.

For Interest Rates,Please click here.

Processing Charges

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Prepayment Charges



  • Term loan is repayable within the maximum repayment period of 7 to 10 years.
  • Running account facility is available for other than salaried class and repayable on demand subject to annual review/renewal.
  • EMI/Notional interest of existing and proposed loans shall not exceed 50% to 70% of net income based on income of the borrowers.
  • Repayment period shall not exceed retirement age of the borrower in case of salaried class and 70 years of age in case of other than salaried class.

Nature of facility

In the form of Running Account or Term Loan