Corp Shubha Vivah Scheme


  • Individuals including NRI/PIO in the age group of 21 - 65 years.
  • Close relative/s may join as co applicant/s to supplement repayment capacity.
  • Maximum of two co applicants may be obtained for arriving at repayment capacity.


  • To meet the expenses related to marriage such as, Shamiyana ,hall booking, food & catering ,lodging facility for guests, conveyance, purchase of jewellery, cloth , Honey moon passage etc..
  • However, expenses related to dowry in any form is strictly NOT permitted.
  • Loan for meeting expenses of second marriage is strictly NOT permitted except for widow re-marriage.
  • Loan under the Scheme is permitted for the marriage of Self, Son, Daughter, Brother and Sister only.

Loan Amount

  • Minimum Loan : Rs.1 lakh
  • Maximum Loan :
Metro Rs. 10 lakh
Port Town [other than Metro ] & Urban Centres Rs. 7 lakh
Semi Urban centres Rs. 5 lakh
Rural centres Rs. 2 lakh

Note : Loan amount mentioned above shall be based on the category of the Branch


  • Mortgage of immovable property such as land and/or building [Residential /commercial properties only are permitted. Loan against Agriculture & Industrial properties is strictly not permitted. ] AND/ OR 
  • Financial assets such as NSC, KVP, LIC Policy, Deposits, etc..
  • Loan shall be fully secured after maintaining prescribed margin on respective security.
  • Age of the building offered as security shall not exceed 30 years. However, residual /balance life of the building shall be at least 5 years more than the repayment tenor.
  • Wherever salary is routed through the Branch, loan upto maximum of Rs.1 lakh is provided without any security subject to the condition that the loan is repayable within 36 months, and suitable third party guarantee is obtained.


Third party guarantee is not mandatory.

However, in case of unsecured loans upto Rs.1 lakh, where salary is routed through the Branch, third party guarantee is mandatory.

Rate of Interest

  • Floating rate of interest is linked to the MCLR & subject to annual reset.

For Interest Rates, Please click here.

Processing Charges

For Processing Charges - Click Here

Prepayment Charges



  • Term loan is repayable within the maximum repayment period of 5 to 7 years. 
  • Repayment period shall not exceed retirement age of the borrower in case of salaried class and 70 years of age in case of other than salaried class.
  • Unsecured Loan upto Rs.1 lakh shall be repayable within 36 months

Nature of facility

  • In the form of Term loan

Margin on Security

  • NSC/KVP [face value] : 10%
  • LIC Policy [surrender value] : 10%
  • Deposits [Balance outstanding] : 5%
  • Immovable property : 50%
  • Where the loan is against the property already mortgaged to the Bank for housing loan, 25% margin shall be maintained for housing loan.

However, no margin is stipulated on project cost.