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An innovative Facility to our internet banking customers


1.0 Our Bank has always endeavored to bring in the latest technology bridging the gap between the Bank and its Gen-Y customers' expectations relating to the changing face of Banking.The availability of online services with customer adoption and their expectations for availability and reliability are important considerations of the Bank in the recent times.

1.1 Our Bank is having a perty master base of around 2 crores with around 8 lakh Internet Banking registered users.Internet Banking has been introduced in our Bank more than a decade ago and we have been incorporating additional/new features to suit the customer's requirements.

1.2 The Internet Banking customer's are provided with the facility of viewing and downloading the account statement.The tech-savvy and the younger generation who are used to the new devices [smart phones] would be attarcted to have a new facility replacing and resembling the physical passbook in the digital form.

1.3 In this direction Bank has intiated a new facility -a green initiative of providing the Digital Passbokk facility on Mobile to Internet Banking registered users.

2.1 The new intiative to provide ePassbook [digital passbook] through the registered mobile phones(smart phones) from our Bank is a new break- through.

2.2 The sailent features of the facility are as follows:

  1. Corp ePassbook is a digital/virtual passbook solution resembling physical passbook.It allows the customers to download and view the transactions of the account(s) in the mobile.
  2. The ePassbook will have the facility of real-time/online updation of the transactions of the customers account(s).
  3. It can also be viewed offline.
  4. It will ease the customer's dependability on the physical passbook statement.
  5. It is a passbook facility for multiple accounts. All the accounts linked to the Internet Banking User ID [Running A/cs, Loan A/cs and Deposit A/cs] can be downloaded and viewed separately, but will reside in one application.
  6. To start-with the ePassbook facility of download and view is provided to all the Running A/cs such as SB, CA, CC/OD, etc.
  7. ePassbook facilitates single repository for all accounts maintained across branches.
  8. It will have the facility of noting extra details/text as personal notes under each transaction, if need be.
  9. The customer has the facility to personalize the settings
  • View transactions in the ascending or descending order of date
  • Transaction filter based on inputs like Amount, Details, Date, etc.,
  • The number of transactions that can be viewed on the screen/page
  • Additional features and facilities will be provided in this application in a phased manner.
  • 3.1 To avail the ePassbook facility the following is the procedure recommended:

    1. The customer should have been registered for Internet Banking.
    2. The customer has to download an App (application) on to his mobile.
    3. The customer has to register once to access the ePassbook from his mobile.
    4. To register, the user has to enter the Internet user ID and the registered mobile number.
    5. On validation of the Internet user ID and the mobile number an One Time Password [OTP] will be sent to the registered mobile of the customer.
    6. The customer will enter the OTP and submit. Once the OTP is entered and submitted the customer will get an mPlN through another SMS.
    7. The customer has to enter the mPIN and confirm the same. With this the customer is registered for the ePassbook facility.
    8. Subsequent access to the ePassbook will be by using the mPIN alone.

    3.2 The Corp ePassbook facility is launched on Android platform and will soon be extended to IOS and Windows platforms also.

    Registration Process for Android version of Corp Bank e-Passbook

    Download e-Passbook from Google Play Store and application works in any smart phone/tablet with Android version 2.2 and above. Presently only Internet Banking customers can register and use this application.Passbook can be viewed for all the accounts linked to Internet banking user id.

    Step by Step registration process is explained in this document.

    Step 1:

    Please enter Internet banking user id in User ID and Registered mobile number in Mobile Numberfield and click process button.

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    Application will send the input values to Server and validate both User Id and Mobile Number in internet banking database. If both are valid, then Server will generate One Time Password and send it to RegisteredMobile Number.

    Step 2:

    Please enter the One Time Password (OTP) received in registered mobile in User OTP field and click submitbutton. Application will again validate the entered OTP by sending it to Server. If Valid, then it will go toStep 3,

    If One Time Password (OTP) is not received, then please regenerate the OTP by clicking the Re-Generatebutton. OTP will be regenerated and sent to registered mobile. Please enter the OTP again and click Submit button. Application will again validate the entered OTP by sending it to Server. If Valid, then it will go to Step 3.

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    Step 3:

    Please enter the mpin in Enter New MPin and re-enter the same mpin in Confirm MPinand click submit button. Application will register the MPin for the application and goes to Step 4 for login.

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    Step 4:

    Please enter the mpin created in Step 4 in Enter MPin and click Login button. Application will go to Homescreen of e Passbook application.

    If Mpin is forgotten, please click Forgot MPin button. Server will generate One Time Password and send it to Registered Mobile Number. Once OTP is received repeat the Step given from Step2.

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