Travel Cards

Travel Cards

The latest addition to our ever expanding card portfolio

You can now forget about the hassles of carrying cash or the tedious money changing, using traverller’s cheques when travelling abroad, be it for leisure, Business purpose, education, availing medical benefits etc. With the Corp Global Card, you can carry the world in your wallet as you can now load up to eight Currencies onto a single Card. Corp Global Card is a secure and convenient new way to manage your travel funds, when travelling abroad.

Corp Global Card   is issued in association with Thomas Cook (India) Ltd., India’s leading integrated travel and travel related financial services company and MasterCard. This card is accepted at all ATMs and Merchant Establishments that accept MasterCard.

Features and Benefits:

Multi Currency on Single Card: The card being issued is a pre-funded, pre-loaded card and is not linked to any Bank Account. The Card empowers you with the option of loading eight currencies on a single card (US Dollars, British Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Singapore Dollars & Japanese Yen) enabling you to use the appropriate currency, based on the country you visit, thereby saving your money and time. The card is capable of settling a transaction from multiple currency purses for a single transaction. Furthermore, the card is an EMV card for enhanced security.

Budget your spending: Stay in control of your spending money while abroad with the card and get transaction history of the amount spent as you can manage your account online by visiting the My Account option in the website

Utility and Acceptance: You can use the Card to pay for goods and services in shops, restaurants, hotels etc or to withdraw Local Currency from ATMs i.e. anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. Further, these cards can be used for E-Commerce transactions on the Internet Websites for payments in foreign currency. These services are available 24 x 7 and on all 365 days.

Transact in Local Currency or multiple currencies: You have the convenience of transacting in the local currency. For example if you are a frequent traveler visiting different countries, you can load the card in any of the 8 currencies. When you visit a country whose currency is loaded on the card, and when the card is used in a particular country, the currency of that country would be automatically used while transacting up to the extent available. Even if you run out of local currency on the card, the card has an inbuilt capability to convert from other available currency pockets, as and when the local currency is fully utilised.

Chip and PIN card: The travel card is a non-personalised Europay Master Visa (EMV) compliant Chip and PIN card, thereby enhancing the security of your transactions. The Chip is embedded on the face of the card and the back of the card contains the Magnetic Stripe which is a fallback incase of need at terminals that do not accept Chip Cards. The card comes with an associated PIN that has to be memorized and used when prompted at merchant establishments, ATMs etc.

Validity and Reloads: The validity of the card is 5 years. The card can be topped up as many times subject to the validity of the card, reload limits and the FEMA/RBI regulations governing such loading/re-loading of foreign currency.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: If you lose your Corp Global Card or it is stolen, you must call the Card Services team as soon as possible, so that they can block your Card and arrange for emergency cash (up to the available balance on your Card), to keep your holiday on track. You can avail of the emergency cash disbursement services at no extra cost. In case of loss or theft of card, you are provided replacement card at no extra cost.

Maximum and Minimum Load Amounts: The maximum load amount on the card shall be subject to FEMA guidelines from time to time or $10,000 or equivalent. The minimum load amount on the card shall be $200 or equivalent and thereafter in multiples of $50 or equivalent.

24x7 Global Assistance: The card comes with 24 x 7 dedicated travel assistance in more than 80 countries with multi lingual assistance and to know the toll free number for any country, please click the below link.

Please click here to know the Toll Free numbers

Where to Buy the Card?

The Corp Global Card is available at select branches of the Bank.

Please click here to find the branch in your city

Documentations Required

The purchaser should be a genuine foreign traveler and shall fill up the application form and should comply with the “Know Your Customer” directives of the Reserve Bank of India.

Please click here to download the Application form

The following documents are to be submitted along with the filled up application form:

  • Copy of Valid Passport
  • Copy of Valid VISA
  • Copy of Confirmed Air Ticket/Travel Documents
  • Completed Form A2
  • Copy of PAN / Form 60 ( in the absence of PAN)
  • Valid e-mail address of the purchaser


Your Corp Global Card can be reloaded (subject to FEMA requirements and validity of the card), so you never run short of the money you need to make your trip a success.

Simply visit your card issuing branch in person or through a authorised signatory and fill in the prescribed Application Form and Form A2.

Please click here to download the Reload/Redemption Form

Simply buy or reload your Card before you travel and your money is with you whenever you need it. Load your new Corp Global Card with funds and enjoy your travel. Your Card will generally be activated within twenty-four (24) business hours of purchase or as advised by the card issuing branch.

Dos and Donts


  • Please sign on the back of your Card as soon as you get it
  • Memorise your PIN as you can’t change your PIN
  • Register your Card immediately on and choose ‘My Account’ Tab by following the instructions on the screen and manage your account online
  • If your Card is lost or stolen, help is available worldwide, 24/7 and note down the contact number of the country you are visiting before leaving the country.
  • Please go through the terms and conditions booklet provided with the card kit to be clear of your responsibility when using the card.


  • Due to FEMA regulations, Corp Global Card cannot be used at ATMs or merchants in India, Nepal and Bhutan, or for internet purchases where the website is registered in India, Nepal or Bhutan, or at websites accepting payment in Indian Rupees or the currencies of Nepal and Bhutan.
  • The Card cannot be used in countries subject to economic sanctions, including: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. The list of sanctioned countries is subject to change from time to time.
  • Some merchants and ATM operators may charge a fee or set their own purchase limits. Please confirm whether any fees or limits apply, before making a purchase or withdrawal.
  • Abroad, when given an option by the retailer to pay in local currency or Indian Rupees, you should not make a purchase or ATM withdrawal in Indian Rupees (as you are prohibited from doing so by law) and you should instead choose to pay in the local currency.
  • It is not recommended to use your Card as a guarantee of payment for hotels, car hire, etc. These companies may estimate your bill, and if you use your Card as a guarantee for the estimated amount, the funds will be temporarily unavailable to access or spend.

Fees & Charges

The service charges for Issue, reload and redemption of Corp Global Cards are as under:-

Fees *Amount in Rs.Card Issuance Fee (including first currency load)200.00Currency Re-Load Fee50.00Redemption Fee50.00*Service Tax extra and shall be charged at actual

The service charges for use of the card is as under:-

Type of Fees ChargedAmount in USD ($)ATM Withdrawal Fee2.00Balance Enquiry FeeFREECurrency Conversion Fee4.25%Inactivity Fee*5.00Shortfall Fee10.00Emergency Cash AccessFREEEmergency Card ReplacementFREE

*Levied if card is not used for six consecutive months