Xpress Money

Xpress Money

Global Money Transfer Service

We have entered into a strategic tie-up with UAE Exchange and Financial Services Ltd for facilitating global Money Transfer Service, Xpress Money. UAE Exchange and Financial Services Ltd is the principal agent for UAE Exchange Centre LLC, Abu Dhabi, for facilitating Xpress Money Service in India.

Xpress Money is available to our account holders and non-account holders, under the Money Transfer Service Scheme by RBI. It facilitates instant payment of foreign inward remittance in cash (for amount less than Rs. 50,000/-) to individual beneficiaries in India within minutes. The service is a boon to NRIs and their families in India as well as foreign tourists visiting India and foreign students studying in India. It is a hassle free instantaneous payment to beneficiary against photo identification.

Xpress Money, one of the fastest growing Global brands in instant money transfers, has an agent network spanning over 50,000 locations in 100 countries across five continents. This extensive network, together with unique and unrivalled services helps to receive money in India from almost anywhere in the world, within minutes. Swiftness, security and convenience make it one of the favourite brands for instant money transfers. Unique features include payment confirmation to the sender through SMS on payment collection by the beneficiary, which helps avoid costly follow-ups.

Xpress Money in India operates within the purview of RBI guidelines and within the following framework.

  1. Only personal remittance such as remittance towards family maintenance and remittances favouring foreign tourists visiting India are permissible.
  2. Maximum permissible limit per transaction for Xpress Money is Rs. 50,000/-, per beneficiary
  3. Only 12 transactions per beneficiary are permitted in a calendar year


  • Extensive network across India
  • Receive money as cash in minutes
  • No Bank account required
  • No back-end charges
  • Phone and pay service at select locations
  • SMS to sender on payment confirmation
  • Full refund on cancellation

Process Flow for Xpress Money

Smiley face Remitter fills up the Xpress Money form in an Xpress Money outlet abroad and pays the principal amount and charges
Smiley faceDetails are entered in the system, a receipt is given to the remitter with a unique 16 digit XPIN, Sender informs beneficiary the XPIN, and the amount remitted
Smiley faceBeneficiary visits the Receive Agent, fills up the Receive Now Form with details of XPIN and produces a valid photo identity
Smiley faceThe location confirms the transaction, Beneficiary Receives Cash, Sender receives SMS on payment collection